Capital Improvement Projects

The following is a summary list of active Capital Improvement Projects within the city limits of Hoover.  As individual projects progress, their status will be updated.  As projects are completed, they will be removed from the list. 


Project Type Lead Agency Status Current Status (% 
Next Milestone Next Milestone (Target Date)


Patton Chapel Road Improvement - Modifies two existing intersections into one, in front of Gwin Elementary School. Extends sidewalk along Patton Chapel Rd.  For additional information on this project, contact Jefferson County Roads
​and Transportation at (205) 325-5141. (See More Info.)
Jefferson County Construction 95% Completion of Roadway Improvements
Winter 2022
Valleydale Rd Widening (Little) - Widens Valleydale Rd from Riverchase Pkwy to Business Center Drive
ALDOT Design Stage 95% ROW Acquisition 2022
Valleydale Rd Widening (Big) - Widens Valleydale Rd to five lanes from Caldwell Mill Rd to Hwy 280. ALDOT ROW Acquisition
​94 Total tracts
​4 Pending​
95% Utility Coordination   2023
South Shades Crest Rd, Additional Northbound Lane - Adds a northbound lane on South Shades Crest Road from Willow Lakes Drive to Hwy 150.                Jefferson County      Bid Process 90% Construction Spring 2023
Galleria Blvd Extension - County led project that extends Galleria Blvd by Chick-Fil-A to Old Montgomery Highway Jefferson County Right of Way Acquisition 80% Construction 2023
Highway 150 Right Turn Lane @ Whisperwood Lane City of Hoover Construction 30% Completion Winter 2022
Valleydale Road at Jaguar Drive WB Right Turn Lane Extension City of Hoover Construction 10% Completion Winter 2022


Chapel Rd Sidewalks - Extend sidewalk from Matzek Drive to Park Ave.  (See more info.) ALDOT Construction
80% Completion Spring 2023
US Hwy 150 Sidewalk - Provides sidewalk on one side of Hwy 150 from Hwy 31 to Cahaba River Estates. ALDOT Design & Planning  90% Right of Way  Acquisition TBD
Alford Avenue Sidewalks - Phase 1 - Constructs sidewalks along Alford Avenue from Haden Street to Pine Lane and Haden Street from Alford Avenue to Blue Ridge Blvd. City of Hoover Final Design Stages 95% Right of Way Acquisition Spring 2023
Oriole Drive Sidewalks - Star Lake Drive to Deo Dara Drive City of Hoover Bid Process 80% Construction Spring 2023
Old Columbiana Road Sidewalks - Patton Chapel Road to Green Valley Elementary City of Hoover Design Stage 95% Bid Process Winter 2022
Al Seier Road Sidewalks - East of Sulphur Springs Road to Ball Park City of Hoover Design Stage 95% Bid Process Spring 2023
Sulphur Springs Road Sidewalks - Preserve Parkway to Al Seier Road City of Hoover Design Stage 95% Bid Process Spring 2023
Maiden Lane Sidewalk Extension and Drainage Improvements - Savoy Street to Cloudland Drive City of Hoover Construction 95% Completion Fall 2022
Inverness Center Drive Sidewalks - Segments from Valleydale Road to Hwy 280 City of Hoover Construction 0% Completion Winter 2022
Russet Woods Drive Sidewalks - Phase 1 - South Shades Crest Road to Guyton Road City of Hoover Construction 80% Completion Winter 2022


Bluff Park Pavilion City of Hoover Bid Process 0% Construction Winter 2022
US Hwy 31 Street Light Replacement, Phase 2 - Installs new street lighting along Hwy 31 from Patton Chapel Rd to I-65. ALDOT Construction  

70% Completion 
Winter 2022
Gwin/Simmons Traffic Signal Installation City of Hoover Construction 10% Completion Fall 2022
Hwy 31 at Hendrick/Hoover Commons Traffic Signal Upgrades City of Hoover Design Stage 100% Construction Spring 2023
Hoover Met at Stadium Trace Pkwy Traffic Signal Installation City of Hoover Construction 0 Completion Spring 2023
Hwy 150 at ATI Pkwy Traffic Signal Installation City of Hoover Design Stage 99% Construction Fall 2022
Inverness WWTP Filter Rehab
​ Repairs Existing Filters
City of Hoover Construction 95% Completion Winter  2022
Upgrade Pump Station Telemetry - Inverness & Riverchase Pump Stations City of Hoover Construction 50% Completion Spring 2023
Upgrade Woodford Pump Station City of Hoover Bid Process 5% Construction Spring 2023
Applecross Pump Station Replacement City of Hoover Bid Process 50% Construction Winter 2022