EatShopPlay Hoover

The Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce the launch of the website, EatShopPlayHoover.  The site can be found at: 

EatShopPlayHoover was created to be used as a resource to encourage shopping in Hoover. Hoover Chamber leaders know that over the next several weeks and months, Hoover residents’ favorite restaurants, hotels, shops, salons, theaters, markets and other hardworking Hoover businesses are going to see a decline in visitors.

That is where EatShopPlayHoover seeks to help.  Residents can go to the site to order food to go, to shop online, to tip well, and most importantly to buy gift cards NOW for use at a later time. Gift cards equal immediate cash flow and cash flow is the lifeblood of our local businesses.

The Chamber encourages Hoover residents, visitors and supporters to visit the EatShopPlayHoover website today.  In addition, if there is a business that is doing anything to benefit the public during COVID-19 crisis, they are asked to share that with the Chamber.