Stormwater Sewer System

Stormwater Sewer refers to the gutters, ditches, drains, culverts, and pipes that are designed to divert and steer the flow of rainwater runoff.

Potential problems associated with storm sewers include:
  • Clogged drains or ditches causing flooding or causing water to pool
  • Storm drain lids broken or missing
  • Broken gutters and culverts

Additional Information

Please do not put grass clippings, leaves, cut brush, parts of cut trees or any other yard waste in the storm sewer system. This impedes storm water flow, clogs the drains and can compromise the overall quality and effectiveness of the system.  Please request special collections of yard-waste items through My Hoover Connect or by calling the Public Works Department.

Help us, help you in keeping our storm drains running smoothly.

Please note: It is a violation of EPA and ADEM regulations to discharge any non rain water substance(s) into storm water flows. Only rain water is allowed into the storm water drainage system.