Start Smart Sports Development Program

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Class Details

2022 Start Smart Basketball registration will open December 10th and will end February 1st or when program is full.

Ages: 3-6 years old

First Class

:  Tuesday March 1st 

Time: 5-6 PM OR 6-7 PM

Location: Hoover Recreation Center

Registration Fee: $75 (Hoover residents) OR $85 (Non-Hoover residents) 

Program is open to the first 24 participants per session time

Start Smart Sports

Start Smart Soccer (August-September)
Start Smart Flag Football (September- October)
Start Smart Basketball ( March)
Start Smart T-Ball (April-May)

The Right Start...Start Smart for Ages 3-6

Start Smart Programs, created by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, help kids ages 3-6 get ready for sports - and succeed in life. It is a step-by-step approach that builds confidence and self-esteem, and makes sports fun. Instructors help kids and parents have a positive sports experience together.

What is Start Smart?

Start Smart was developed by top motor skill development specialists in the field of youth sports. Parent-child groups perform motor skill tasks that gradually build confidence in children while they are having fun at the same time.
The Start Smart Sports Readiness Test helps parents objectively measure kids' abilities. As the program progresses and children show improvement, the skill are altered so that each child remains challenged. Parents spend quality time together with their child while learning how to properly teach and support them in sports.

Benefits of Participation

  • Builds confidence and self-esteem in children
  • Fun and positive early experience in sports
  • Helps parents learn how to support and teach their child
  • Helps prepare kids and parents for specific sports
  • Helps prepare kids for future sports participation
  • Quality time together for parent and child
Kids participating in the 5-6 PM Start Smart Basketball Program 
Lincoln Collins
Blakely Teal
Abraham Gatrey
Chase Golden
Liam Newman
Boady Arthur
Sadie Arthur
Caleb von Schweinitz
Paul von Schweinitz
Johan Kistler
Sam Meredith
Chase Johnson
Omar Lane
Hank Drum
Henry Butler
Ivy Butler
Jase Walton
Anderson Kolodziej
Jameson Kolodziej
Elijah Robinson

Kids participating in the 6-7 PM Start Smart BasketballProgram
Henry Anding
Jack Lootens
Nate Martin
Benjamin Paul
George Roveda
Terrance Scarbrough Jr.
Ashton Sparks
Evans Gibson
Liam Beck
Aaron Baldwin
Nora Mathew
Peter Mathew
Judah Vick
Eli Lambert
Clarence Grayson Jr.
John Rostas
Henry Nordlund
Bailey Santa Cruz
Seth Long

Participants of 2021 Start Smart T-Ball:
Holt Carden, Walt Metrock, Ruthie Metrock, Smith Stephenson, Caleb Von Schweintz, Grayson Lee, Clair Cairnes, Sawyer Berthon, Billy Burmester , Maddox Steele, Ard Grayson, Levi Koon, Jack Lootens, Luke Bridges, Olivia Mclintock, Ella Barringer, Nora Parker, Blake Everett, Jayden White, Charlie Sortino, Benjamin Bowers, Parker Holmdahl, James Claud, Reese Bowker , Brooks Blitz, Bryce Boyer , Cash Kizzire, Aaron Garrett, Xander Mathews , Aaron Baldwin, Sam Meredith, Marshall Thomas, Eli Martin, Ellis Iathum, Caleb Williams, Tomas Valbuena, Herron Yoder, Liam Parkinson, Bo Kilmury, Blakely Teal, Lincoln Collins, Ben Brymer, Brylee Solberg
Participants of 2021 Start Smart Soccer:
Pericles Sherwood, Quinn Marefka, Nate Martin, Quentin Evans, Finn Bob Buchanan, Bubba Buchanan, John Flynn, Xander Lee, Asher Dhanani, Navya Desai, Veer Desai, Sawyer Berthon,
Sarah Knight, Parker Holmdahl, Drew Huddleston, Hudson Poteete, Jameson Kolodziej, Anderson Kolodziej, Evans Gibson, Boady Arthur, Charlie Sortino, Holt Carden, James Claud, Beckett Charles, Aidan Abrams, James Thomas Glass, Aiden OReilly, Ivy Butler, Henry Butler, Madeline Booth, Harry Cavett, Townsend Smith, David Underhill, Archer Scott, Aaron Baldwin, Stanton Gunn, Terrance Scarbrough Jr., Thomas Collins, Nora Mathew, Peter Mathew, Luke Adams, Harper Morrow
Participants of 2021 Start Smart Flag Football:
Boady Arthur, Seth Long, Samuel Meredith, Terrance Scarbrough Jr, Ivy Butler, Henry Butler, Liam Newman, Brody Upshaw, Brandon Upshaw, Jase Walton, Garrison King, Ayden King, Ashton Sparks, Sarah Knight, Quentin Evans, John Rostas, Lincoln Collins, Ellis Lathum, Liam Beck, Holt Carden, Evans Gibson, James Thomas Glass, Nate Martin, Aidan Abrams 

"Griffin loves all things baseball. Start Smart was the perfect program to teach him the fundamentals! The coaches were encouraging and fun and months later, Griffin still asks when his next “game” will be. We’re looking forward to participating in the other sports that Start Smart offers."

-Anna, mom